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Christmas Program


Aristotle is having our Christmas Concert for grades K-8th on Wednesday, December 16th. The concert starts at 6:00 p.m. We need your students at the school no later than 5:45 p.m. They need to report to their classrooms. They will stay there until it is time for their performance. After their performance, they will return to their classroom.

We would like them to wear a red shirt, white shirt, or something that is Christmas/Holiday related along with nice pants or skirt. Santa hats are also welcome!

Your students have been working very hard and we are excited about this performance.

Thank You and Happy Holidays!

Christopher Lutz is joining Aristotle Academy

I am pleased to announce that Christopher Lutz is joining Aristotle Academy as the 6th – 8th grade teacher. He has a Master’s degree in Education, majoring in Education and Mathematics from Southern Utah and a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Computer Science from Gracilazo de la Vega in Lima, Peru. Mr. Lutz previously taught at American International School of Utah and brings a wide variety of teaching experience to the classroom.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

November 11, 2015

Throughout our country’s history, brave men and women have willingly answered the call of duty to defend our nation and our way of life. The actions of our servicemen and women have changed the course of history, touched lives and spread freedom and democracy to nations around the world. As Americans, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our veterans who, during peace and war, have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Veterans Day is a time to remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces who served in previous wars, who are serving today and who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We are deeply thankful for the veterans who served our country with great honor in the past, and to those who uphold their duties today.

Our veterans, fight so our children won’t have to. We build and we invent and we learn so that we will know greater opportunity. America leads so that the next generation, here and around the world, will know a more hopeful life on this Earth. Let us remember all the sacrifices made by our military so that we can have a safer life. No amount of appreciation will be sufficient enough to honor them. So today, this Veterans Day, I thank you all for making that possible. God bless you. God bless our veterans and our troops, and God bless the United States of America.

A Letter From The Principal

September 28, 2015
Dear Aristotle Academy Families,
In my last letter to you I talked about changes taking place that will benefit the students and the school. At this time, I want to elaborate on the exciting changes going in effect October 5th.
All of us at Aristotle Academy will be involved in transforming the current classroom environment into vibrant learning areas where all students are authentically engaged with Blended Learning. This transition allows us to embrace technology and initiatives that will better prepare our students for success. All said, this transition has required us to make some staffing changes. Our goal, as we move forward, is to ensure a smooth transition for all students.
We are centering our school programs around Leveled Learning. The middle school grades of 6th, 7th and 8th, will be a blended model, with these students being taught by Mrs. Beale and Ms. Lash. The focus on Blended Learning will benefit the students through Individualized Instruction, Direct Instruction and Leveled Learning in Reading/Language Arts, Science and Math. I am pleased to announce that we will be implementing MobyMax,, which offers supplemental curriculum to 4th through 8th graders in Math, Science and Language Arts. It can be tailored to the student’s individual level….meaning students can be working on totally different things while sitting right next to each other. In addition, I am thrilled to announce that each middle school student will have their own Chromebook laptop to use in their various classes. The 4th and 5th graders will be consolidated in order to implement this approach to Blended Learning. This will include “break out” sessions in Reading/Language Arts, Math and Science.
We are excited about these changes taking place at Aristotle Academy and we will do all that we can to ensure a smooth transition for all students.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 801-763-7286 or
Warmest regards,

Warren R. Shenk Aristotle Academy Principal

Septiembre 28, 2015
Estimadas Familias de la Academia Aristotle,
En mi última carta les hable sobre los cambios que beneficiaran a los estudiantes y a la escuela. En este momento quiero elaborar en los emocionantes cambios que tomaran efecto el 5 de Octubre.
Todos nosotros en la Academia Aristotle estaremos involucrados en la transformación de las clases y ambiente a aéreas de aprendizaje donde todos los estudiantes estarán comprometidos con el aprendizaje mezclado. Esta transición nos permite adoptar la tecnología y las iniciativas que ayudaran a preparar a nuestros estudiantes para el éxito. Como les había dicho antes, esta transición requiere que hagamos algunos cambios de personal. Nuestro objetivo, es seguir adelante y asegurar una transición suave para todos los estudiantes.
Estamos centrando nuestros programas escolares en el nivel de aprendizaje del estudiante. Los grados de la escuela secundaria de 6 y 8 grado serán un modelo mezclado. Tendrán instrucción por las profesoras Mrs. Beal y Ms. Lash. El enfoque de aprendizaje mezclado beneficiara a los estudiantes a través de la instrucción individualizada. Instrucción directa y aprendizaje nivelado en Lectura, Artes de lenguaje, Ciencias y Matemáticas. Me complace anunciar que pondremos en práctica Mobymax que ofrece el plan de estudios suplementario para el 4 al 8 grado en Matemáticas, Ciencias, y Artes de lenguaje. Puede ser adaptado a nivel individual de los estudiantes lo que significa que los estudiantes pueden estar trabajando en cosas totalmente diferentes al estar sentados justo al lado del otro. Además estoy encantado de anunciar que cada estudiante de escuela secundaria tendrá su propio laptop Chromebook para utilizar en sus diversas clases. Los grados de 4 y 5 serán consolidados a fin de poner en práctica este enfoque para al aprendizaje mezclado. Esto va incluir sesiones para repartirse en grupos más pequeños para lectura, Artes de lenguaje, Matemáticas y Ciencia.
Estamos muy emocionados con estos cambios que van a tomar lugar en la Academia Aristotle. Y haremos todo lo que podamos para asegurar una transición suave para todos los estudiantes.
Si tiene alguna pregunta por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo al (801)763-7286 o al

Warren R. Shenk Principal de la Academia Aristotle

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference will be on October 1st from 4-7 pm and October 2nd from 2-4 pm. Sign up for a time at the front desk or with your child’s teacher. You can also sign up online with sign up genius at one of the links below
Judy Pond
Richa Harward
Jessica Tolbert
Amanda Maliwauki
Abbee Turchetta
Jurate Martin
Stephanie Beale

A Letter From The Principal

Dear Aristotle Academy Families,

I want to officially welcome all of you to the 2015-2016 school year. Summer has come and gone and we must now move forward with many exciting changes to follow.

One unexpected change that you will notice is with some faculty changes. Some teachers have moved on accepting new opportunities and we wish them well and thank them for their service to Aristotle Academy. Now is a time that we all should step up and “spread the word” about Aristotle Academy. Changes will be taking place benefiting the students, for example; individual instruction, Direct Instruction and Leveled Learning in Reading and Math. These changes will accommodate our entire student body and staff needs. With your help in spreading the word of Aristotle Academy, your friends and neighbors will become aware of the benefits that your student receives at Aristotle Academy.

In closing, I am committed to students and families as well as the love for learning. The elementary years are a critical time for development for students and families and I look forward in working with all of you to make this school year successful. Please come by the Front Office or contact the PTO President to pick up copies of the Aristotle Academy flyer to distribute to friends and neighbors.

Warmest regards,
Warren R. Shenk

Queridas Familias de Aristotle Academia,

Quisiera oficialmente darles la bienvenida a todos ustedes para el año escolar 2015-2016. El verano ha venido y se ha ido y estamos muy emocionados de los muchos cambios que vienen.

Ahora es el tiempo para hacer lo que podamos y “correr la palabra” de Aristotle Academia. Muchos cambios emocionantes van a tomar a cabo beneficiando a los estudiantes por ejemplo; Vamos a implementar Aprendizaje a nivel para lectura y matemáticas. Lo cual nos proporcionara enseñanza individualizada. Usted notara algunos cambios y adiciones de la facultad. Estamos aumentando cada vez más el enfoque de la tecnología proporcionando a cada alumno del sexto al ocho grado con una computadora laptop y añadiendo proyectores SmartBoard adicionales en los salones. Con su ayuda en correr la palabra de nuestra Academia Aristotle, sus amigos y vecinos se darán cuenta de los beneficios que sus estudiantes reciben en Aristotle.

Para cerrar estoy comprometido a nuestros estudiantes y familias……así como el amor al aprendizaje. Los anos de elemental son un momento crítico para el desarrollo del estudiante y los padres juegan un papel vital en ese desarrollo. Espero con interés trabajar con todos ustedes para hacer de este año escolar un excito. Su contribución a la escuela y a correr la palabra de nuestra escuela es extremadamente valiosa. Por favor vengan por la oficina para recoger copias del aviador (flyer) de Aristotle Academia para distribuir a sus amigos y vecinos.

Saludos y Respeto,

Warren R. Shenk

Director, Aristotle Academia

Help your school earn money

If you shop at you can support Aristotle by going through and choosing Aristotle Academy as your charity. Amazon will give .5% of every sale to the school.
If you shop at Smith’s you can add Aristotle Academy to your rewards card. To do this log into your account, click on account settings, then community rewards, enter number 80236. A percentage of all sales will be given to the school.

One week into summer…

It is a week into summer and we are missing the kids!!! The school is too quiet without them.

Early Out Day

Don’t forget school out tomorrow at 12:30