Aristotle Academy

Our school dress code seeks to achieve a handsome, business-like appearance for our students and to free them from fashion trends and peer pressure.

All clothing must be unadorned, clean, in good condition, and sized appropriately. Students may not wear torn or cut off clothing. Gang related items, colors, and clothing are not permitted at school. No wording, graphics, or designs are allowed on clothing with the exception of the school logo. Dress code items may be purchased at any location as long as it meets the criteria described in the dress code policy. School logo shirts may be purchased at the school or specified vendor. The following are a sampling of companies that carry clothing that meet the Schools dress code standards: Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penney, Gap, Old Navy, and K-mart.

Dress code infractions will result in a policy reminder and may require that a parent bring approved clothing to the Academy office before a student may rejoin his or her class.


  • Acceptable colors: White, Navy Blue and Red.
  • Shirts must have a collar. Collars must be fabric that is folded over, not a flat sewn finish. Casual shirts, dress shirts and polo-type shirts are acceptable. Turtleneck shirts are also acceptable.
  • All tops must be appropriate in fit and length. They must be long enough to be tucked in and it is highly encouraged to be tucked in at all times.
  • Layering with a solid undershirt is permitted for warmth or modesty but may not be visible through the shirt. Undershirts should be free from lace, branding, or other print.
  • Shirts may be long or short sleeved, button up or pull over. No tank tops, sleeveless, midriff tops; shirts with potentially offensive words, terms, logos, pictures, cartoons, or slogans; halter-tops; tops with bare shoulders; sweatshirts, and t-shirts unless worn under another blouse, shirt, jacket, or dress.
  • The Aristotle logo is allowed. All other logos of any size are not allowed.


  • Acceptable colors: Dark Navy Blue and Khaki.
  • Slacks/ Pants that are similar to Dockers and other makers of cotton or synthetic material pants, wool pants, flannel pants, dressy capris, and nice looking dress synthetic pants are acceptable.
  • Pants may be pleated or have a plain front
  • Fabrics can be twill, poly/cotton, or corduroy. No denim, sweats, leather, vinyl, camouflage or nylon.
  • Underclothing may not be visible.
  • Boys: choice of pants or shorts (no higher than 2” above the knee cap).
  • Girls: choice of pants, capris, shorts, skirts, or jumpers (no higher than 2” above the knee cap, unless leggings are worn underneath.)
  • Bike shorts are recommended under skirts or jumpers but may not be visible.
  • One-piece dresses may be worn.
  • Inappropriate bottoms include jeans, ‘Skinny Jeans’, sweatpants, exercise pants, short shorts, bib overalls, and any spandex or other form-fitting pants (unless worn under shorts/skirts).
  • No logos of any size are allowed.


  • Jewelry, accessories, makeup, and belts should not be extreme or distracting. Must complement the uniform. If found to be distracting the teacher or other staff member may ask the student to remove it.
  • No hats, hoods, head coverings, or sunglasses may be worn during class.
  • Socks, tights, and leggings may not be distracting and must coordinate with outfit. Visible holes, offensive material, or branding is not permitted.


  • Students should wear or bring shoes that enable them to run, jump and play. Shoes must have non-marking soles.

Cold Weather:

  •  Any style or color jacket may be worn to and from school and during recess.
  •  Any sweater or other extra layer worn inside during cold weather must have a collar, or be worn with an approved collared shirt. Any extra layer must be one of the three approved colors.

School Spirit Days:

  • The principal may, from time to time, authorize other types of clothing and/or accessories to be allowed on a particular school “spirit” day (school t-shirts, etc.). All other grooming, modesty, and other standards will still apply.
  • The principal may implement a dress down day. On these days jeans and other more casual clothing, although never clothing potentially offensive to others, are allowed.


The School dress code will be reviewed periodically. Any person wishing to submit ideas for the alterations to the current dress code policy will need to write a written proposal to the Principal. All proposals will be taken under consideration. The Principal will not be bound to make any changes.