Aristotle Academy

What is a charter school

Charter schools in the United States receive public money but have been freed from some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools in exchange for producing certain results, which are set forth in each school’s charter. Some charter schools are founded by teachers, parents, or activists who feel restricted by traditional public schools. Aristotle Academy us a not-for-profit run by local parents.

How do I get my child into Aristotle Academy?

Aristotle academy uses a lottery system to determine student enrollment as required by law. If you would like to have your child entered into the upcoming lottery, please sign-up at (this web site) or call 801-763-7286.

How much does it cost to put my child into a charter school?

The short answer… NOTHING. Charter schools are state funded, much the same way that your neighborhood schools receives its funding. We do not require any additional fees.

How many students will be in each class?

The Class size for Reading and Math in grades 1-5 average around 15-17.Kindergarten classes average around 20 students. The average class size for other times during the day is about 19 students as of September 2013.

How is Aristotle Academy different from other schools?

Aristotle Academy uses research based academic programs not currently available at Alpine School district: Direct Instruction in Reading and Math and the Hillsdale Curriculum Guide. Other Charter schools in Utah and schools outside of Utah are using these programs with great success. In addition, these programs have been proven using the best scientific research and verified by The National Reading Panel and the Department of Education.

Is there a school uniform?

Children will wear dark-navy blue or khaki twill pants, shorts or skirts. Tops will be red, white or dark-navy blue; knit polo, cotton button downs, or long or short sleeve t-shirts.

What qualifications do Aristotle Academy Teachers have?

Aristotle Academy will hire the best-qualified teachers for our academic program. In most cases that will mean Utah certified teachers who are specialists in elementary education. In some cases, teachers may have advanced degrees in their subjects, for instance; geography, history and math, and may receive a Charter School License. Teachers will be rigorously trained in our academic program.

Is my student's enrollment guaranteed?

State law requires all children be admitted in a random lottery. Applicants are placed in a candidate pool and, if a class is oversubscribed, then a lottery will be held. Some students are given priority seating if not selected randomly in the lottery, founding members and siblings are examples.

Why French?

The Norman conquest of England in 1066 resulted in French becoming the language of the English nobility. The result was that 30% of English words are French in origin. Teaching children French makes them better English speakers, spellers and readers.